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RCAI Projects

Our current project for 2019 is:

"Supporting the creation of a School of Life in Serbia"

Besides the ongoing projects indicated above, we have recently been involed in:

 - The Elitsheni School, Zimbabwe

 - The Freesia School in Bangalore, India

 - The Leefkringhuis in Amsterdam

 - ARCA, Brazil

 - Clean Water, Thailand

 - Fish & Ships, Sri Lanka

 - Happy Home Orphanage, Thailand

 - Hellabeem, Sri Lanka

 - Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi

And many, many more...

RCAI Projects

About us

We are the only English speaking Rotary club in Amsterdam.
Founded in 1993 the club meets at The Hilton hotel Amsterdam every Monday evening for dinner. The Club consists of around 40 prominent men and women, leaders in their fields and captains of industry united in their camaraderie and desire to assist those less fortunate than themselves.

We meet for dinner (all attendees must pre-register) every Monday evening between 18:30 and 20:30 at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam:
    Apollolaan 138
    1077 BG Amsterdam
    Telephone: +31 (0)20 710 6000


 Club meeting etiquette reminders

· Please pay before dinner at the host stand at Roberto's, €40/per person.

· Let Kerstin, Sue (Membership Chair), and me know when you are bringing a potential member with you - through the app and kindly inform your guest of our paying procedure.

· Dietary restrictions should be included in the Notitie: section. This information is communicated to the Hilton at 10:00 am every Monday. Special meals and seats will be reserved for those who rsvp/request by the deadline.

Are you a visiting Rotarian who would like to join us for a weekly meeting? Please let our secretary know at least 24h in advance to make sure you are accounted for in our weekly reservation Email


It's amazing what we can accomplish when hearts and minds work together...