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School of Life, Serbia- 2019 project

School of Life Project

48% of Serbian children have no access to pre-school education.

This fact correlates directly with poverty, unemployment and crime and impacts the long-term prospects of the society as a whole.

One of RCAI’s board members knows from personal experience how life-changing pre-school education can be.

Rotary Club Amsterdam International (RCAI) alongside established charities such as the Novak Djokovic Foundation and Wilde Ganzen will help support the creation of a School of Life in providing funds to fulfil the school needs in :


School furniture: Tables, chairs, beds, shelves, kids bench


Didactical material (Coloring books, drawing pens, toys, swings, balls, etc)


Speech development center, sensory perceptive center, appliances and equipment for physical motor activities etc.


Program orientation/trainings (for children, parents and teachers)

Funds will be gathered at our Gala Dinner, on June 15 2019, come and join us!

Do you want to register to the Gala Dinner? Please contact us via this email.