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Feed the Kids action


Once again the RCAI members has proven what a great club we are and how we all gather together to support friends in urgent need. On May 5, “Bevrijdingsdag” the Program Committee organized a special RCAI web meeting dedicated to celebrate Freedom on behalf of the 75 Anniversary of Freedom in the Netherlands. The purpose of this meeting was also to raise money for the very urgent RCAI Project “Feed the Kids” to help the children and families in Bangalore who are connected to our past projects over there in their urgent need for food.

Those families are at the moment living in complete quarantine because of the COVID-19 situation and not able to get out and earn the necessary income as day workers to feed their family as they are used to. Through the quick action by Rajiv and the fantastic Program and Project Committee and all other members and friends we are very happy that we can make a contribution to help as many families as possible to get through this hard time. Just imagine, that we can all make a difference for those families together
With a donation of only Euro 25 you are helping a family of 4 persons with food and hygiene products for 3 weeks! Although I know, it is hard times here in the Netherlands as well and many struggles with huge problems for businesses and incomes, it would be fantastic if all our members would join this great cause. Perhaps, you would consider to donate Euro 40 or part of it, the price that you would normally spend on one Rotary meeting at Hilton? Your contribution is still very welcome and an application has been made to request for 100% additional support from Wilde Ganzen!  Please find the payment info below and in our Board App and THANK YOU!

You can still donate!

Donation by bank:  NL26ABNA0541525581 t.n.v. Rotary Club Amsterdam
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