Program January 2016


No meeting


Club Affairs – New Year’s Meeting

Location: Hilton

Time: 18:30


Speech by Alexander Heldring

Location: Hilton

Time: 18:30

Freeland League by Alexander Heldring, former Ambassador of the Netherlands. As such he was stationed in Warsaw where at that time the Dutch embassy was representing Israel. Alexander got interested in the Jewish history with regard to the establishment of their own state. He even did his PhD on this subject. The Freeland League tried to establish a Jewish state in Surinam, and got quite far. History would have been different, and so would have Surinam.

You can find the information on his website

Many thanks to Marijke for the introduction.

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Speech by Paul Arts.

Location: Hilton

Time: 18.30

PARTNER EVENING. Iran by Paul Arts, Senior lecturer in International Relations, University of Amsterdam. Very interesting article from him:

Many thanks to Atef.