Join us and meet Jimmy Nelson on November 12th

Coming 12th of November our club welcomes a very special guest speaker, Jimmy Nelson.

Jimmy Nelson is British and has lived in Amsterdam for +30 years.

A highly acclaimed and awarded commercial photographer, he finally took 3 years out to travel, literally, to the ends of the earth and make the book he had dreamed of.

Jimmy's extraordinary photos of Tribes in "Before they Pass Away" that are rapidly disappearing, with such respect and in all their glory is a stunning experience in celebrating individuality and diversity.

Before they Pass Away has now outsold any other art book in the world - ever.

It is the world's coffee table book of choice and his stories of achieving the photos are amusing, stimulating and inspiring.

He starred at TEDx Amsterdam, TED Europe and 2 years ago at TED Global in Rio. He earns high plus 5 figure amounts for speaking engagements like Goldman Sachs Annual global clients day and is currently launching his new second book; "Homage to Humanity" (Foreword by Donna Karan). He was featured in Het Parool last week and 12 November promises to be an unforgettable evening.