Fundraising at the Amsterdam Fashion Week

On Saturday, January 24th, close to 100 Rotarians and guests gathered at the Amsterdam Fashion Week for a fundraising for the Freesia School Project

Fresia School Project

In 2013 we set up the Freesia School in Bangalore, India together with local and international partners. Through this fundraiser we will be able to support the project through 2015.



The evening raised a grand total of € 9,210 which, together with support from Widle Ganzen and Rotary InterAdam will come to over € 18,000.

Tony Cohen Fashion Show

Tony Cohen Fall Winter 2015 2016 Amsterdam Fashion Week Style Barista 24 January 2015

“Transparency, openness and sincerity” was what designer Tony Cohen had in mind for his latest Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection shown at Amsterdam Fashion Week on 24 January 2015.