Rotary International's Free Virtual Event

Please share the information below with your club / District - quite a number of senior Rotarians have said that they are not seeing info on the virtual convention.  I know info has gone out via RI and RIBI members Newsletters - but from yourselves it is so much more effective.  It's free and open to all. 

1.     Join Us As We Set a Record:  We believe that this 1st ever Virtual Rotary Convention has the ability to set an attendance record.  Of the 110 previous Rotary conventions, the highest level of attendance was 45,381.  President Mark and the Convention Committee believe that we have the ability to set the bar even higher.  Members of Rotary, and the general public, from all over the world, have the ability to be a part of this historical effort.  Our program will be world class, the cost of registration is FREE, and people can attend the convention using a computer, tablet or smart phone.  

2.     Convention Website:  The Rotary Convention Website ( continues to provide updated information.  This is the best place for the latest news.  For example, Rotary has just posted the schedule for the breakout sessions that will be held June 22-26.  Please share this link with people in your club and district:

All times on the website at Chicago times so you need to add 6 hours.  Breakout sessions start at 2pm, 6pm and Midnight

3.     Sign Up for to Receive Notifications of News:  Starting this week, everyone can go to the Rotary Convention Website to enter their e-mail address so that they can receive timely notifications when new information has been posted on the official website.  These notifications will also let everyone know when it is time to sign up for the convention!

What’s Next:  Shortly, Rotary will post more detailed information about the General Sessions, President Mark will share a promotional video of the convention on the Convention Website, and more content will be posted on the Convention Event page on Facebook. 

Mike Thorn

2020 Rotary Virtual Convention Promotion Team
UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain

Twitter: @mikerotary