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Recente Global Grants

In behandeling

RC Wageningen GG1989842
Elizabeth Freed Scholarship year 2: provide an ECD scholarship from D-6290 to Elizabeth Freed to study Organic Agriculture and Agroecology (Master of Science, 2 years) at Wageningen University & Research in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

RC Nunspeet GG1991044
Clean water and equipment project Kenia. To provide a water harvesting pond, sanitary facilities, water tower, furnishings and equipment for a school to be built by Nes Education Society Foundation in Engos, Narok County, Kenya. Togerher with RC Château-Thierry, RC Radboud-Medemblik en RC Warendorf.

RC Doetinchem-Oude IJssel GG1861838
Rotary Bakeries Project Uganda   


Toegekende Global Grants 2019

van D-1560 Totaal : USD  82.794

RC Hengelo-Enschede Dubbelstad

Doel: Female Cancer Project Sumbawa

To provide training to medical professionals and a public awareness campaign on cervical cancer in Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Fundraised : USD 28,495
GG1866826 :  USD 52.794

RC Ede-Kernhem

Doel: Global Grant Scholarship for Rachel Zweig

Provide an ECD scholarship from the Mary L. Doyle Endowed Global Grant Scholarship through D-6170 (USA-Arkansas) to Ms. Rachel Zweig to study Biology and Chemistry of Soil and Water (Masters of Earth and Environment, 2 years) at Wageningen University in Wageningen, NL.

GG1989988: USD 30.000

Toegekende Global Grants 2018

van D-1560 Totaal : USD 30.000

RC Wageningen

Doel: Global Grant Scholarship for Elizabeth Freed

To provide a scholarship to Ms. Elizabeth Freed to receive a MSc in Organic Agriculture and Agroecology from Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

GG1875551: USD 30.000

Toegekende Global Grants 2017

van D-1560 Totaal : USD 56.208

RC Neede

Doel: Installing water purification systems in Sri Lanka 

To provide training and install two reverse osmosis water purification systems in Solepura, Sri Lanka.
Together with RC Barnsley, RC Coesfeld, RC Haaksbergen en RC Kurunegala.

Fundraised : USD 13,351
GG1637879 :  USD 26.208

RC Oosterbeek-Kabeljauw

Doel: Global Grant Scholarship Katie Isaf

To provide a scholarship for Katie Isaf to pursue a M.Sc. Land and Water Management from Wageningen University and Research Center, Wageningen, Netherlands. 

GG1752383 :  USD 30.000

Toegekende Global Grants 2016

van D-1560 Totaal : USD 30.000

RC Wageningen-Bergpoort

Doel: Global Grant Scholarship for Amanda Lewis 2nd Year

To provide a Global Grant Scholarship for Amanda Lewis' 2nd Year of study for a Master's of plant science program at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

GG1634625 :  USD 30.000