Table banking: 3 succesverhalen



Eunice is 35 years old married and blessed with 6 children 3 girls and 3 boys and all are in primary school. Eunice is a member of forward Ever women group in Pipeline RCC. In year 2011 they formed a group of 18 members and invited Rotary facilitators to train them on the 6Ts.

All members were very positive and set a goal of constructing rainwater harvesting tank. She benefited with a tank in the year 2012. She became very proud since the tiresome work of fetching water over 3 kilometers per day had been relieved and now she can spend her time on other projects.

Eunice is a beneficiary of table banking, she borrowed first advance loan of 2000sh and leased a small house for a salon business and bought plaiting braids. Her business profit per day was 200shs. Later she realized she had an allergy of hair chemicals and in year 2013 she closed her business.

She borrowed her second loan of 5,000 and bought 15 poultry for eggs. She receives at least 13 eggs per day and sells at 15shs each. This project has increased to 50 poultry and through the profit she has started selling second hand clothes, her next plan is to start a milk goat project. Therefore she intends to sell 40 poultry’s and buy the goat since milk goat might be more profitable than eggs.

Eunice says she makes a regular monthly savings of a minimum 200shs which has increased her borrowing power. She pass her gratitude to rotary club since she supports her husband to satisfy their basic needs i.e. clothing, food, part of school fees etc. She says transformation is a process which can be achieved even with small projects if well managed.

Nakuru, February 2014

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