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Loice Waithira is a member of Ndiririra w/g in Gilgil rcc. She is a beneficiary of rotary 6Ts project. She is married to one husband and blessed with 4 children whom are currently in primary school. In year 2008 they formed a group of 15 members and started a merry- go- round project for buying household goods. While they were in one of their meetings a friend joined them from Arimi Women group and informed them about the Rotary tanks project from which she had already benefited. Members received the information positively, and they would later joined Rotary Club of Nakuru in 2010 with an aim of also benefiting from the Rain Water Harvesting Project. So far, the group has constructed 8 tanks with hers having been constructed back in the year 2011.The tank has relieved her from the struggles of spending long hours each day in search of water for her family of six. She now uses that time to go about some other more productive family chores.

Loise is also a beneficiary of table banking, with her first advanced loan of Kshs. 600 she was able to acquire 3 chickens from which she could fetch 3 eggs daily and sell at Kshs. 10 enabling her to build up on her flock. Through trainings she prepared small kitchen garden and planted vegetables for home consumption and some she sells to her neighbors. Her monthly income improved to 800sh per month this increased her borrowing power. She borrowed 2,000 second time and bought new clothes for selling as a door to door business. In the year 2012, she borrowed some Kshs.12000.and bought an embroidery machine. She now makes table clothes and sells them to individuals and even institutions. From the returns she is able to pay part of her children’s school fees, monthly loan repayment, and regular savings. Her poultry project has increase to 30 and she receives at least 25 eggs per day and sells at 15@.Generally, this has improved her life style. In conclusion she is looking forward to buy a better multitask machine and enlarge her business. She is so grateful to Rotary for good facilitation and her life is transformed.

Nakuru, February 2014

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