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Monicah Wairimu is 50 years married and blessed with 3 children and 3 grand children. She is a farmer of horticulture i.e. Tomatoes, cabbages, beans and more a poultry and a dairy farmer.

Monicah is a member of Ngumo women group in Gilgil RCC. They formed a group of 15 members in 2010 with an objective of constructing rainwater harvesting tank. They had an information from a neighbors who was member of wome women group and a beneficiary of a tank about rotary club and became interested. The joined other group in gilgil rcc and started the project. To date the group have benefited with 5 tanks.

Monicah has not benefited with a tank but she is expecting that in the next tank allocation she will be among the beneficiaries. Now, Monica can get clean drinking water from the beneficiary of her group but for her other activities like washing dishes, clothes, poultry feeding she still walk for long distance to search for water.

Monicah is a beneficiary of other 6ts, she has planted 100 trees, good toilet, table banking, training projects.

Before monicah joined rotary she was a horticulture farmer and through training she was introduced on monthly savings and borrowing power. She borrowed her first loan of 500shs and bought 5 chicken. After 2 months they started laying eggs. This became a positive project to monicah and she borrowed 3,000 and bought 10 laying chicken. Monicah gave an extra time on this project and made a local breeder and started selling 1week chick at 30shs. She sells 2 trays of eggs i.e 60 eggs@10 per week. From the returns she gets from this project she bought a young cow which is now expecting to give birth. In year 2013 she borrowed 13,000 and boosted her husband on his constructing project of a new house. She repays her loan from returns of her well managed projects.

Monicah is very confident that transformation is through a positive altitude towards any given projects.

Nakuru, February 2014