action plan


Sjoerd de Vries en Geert Kamps van stichting Flow and Go Foundation houden een bevlogen presentatie over het Naleli Women Initiative en het plan om deze vrouwen mobiliteit te geven middels fietsen, zodat afstand niet langer een barrière zal zijn voor inkomen, onafhankelijkheid en levensonderhoud.

Onze club gaat proberen er een grant voor te krijgen.




Due to a promise made at their last visit in 2016, the Flow & Go Foundation delivered 1 single ladies bike in October 2017 in Livingstone, Zambia. The bike was partly sponsored by Egbert Egberts bikes and donated to the local NGO Naleli Women Initiative. This organization supports women with a microcredit of around €27,50. To be payed back within one month. A women becomes a member of a group of ten other women. The ladies support and coach each other on their goals, products and customers. The object is to start and run a small business and pay the €27,50 with a 5% interest within a month. With the 5% interest other women are invited to join the initiative. This way these women can get out of poverty and provide their children with a better future. They get a podium as a serious business partner in the Livingstone region.







A bike provides the opportunity to break the vicious circle of poverty. It creates chances to a larger step-up to income, education and health care. The women live in rural towns and small villages around the centre of Livingstone and its markets. They walk to the market to sell their products for 2 – 4 hours. Or they pay for a taxi to take them there. Afterwards they return home late taking that same long walk (or taxi). As a lot of women are able and willing to use a bike (but cannot afford one), several advantages emerge when the Naleli Women Initiative can provide their members a bicycle with a focus on their businesses. At last cycling projects have proven to be effective other African countries.






The Naleli Women Initiative has set a goal to mobilize her members through the power of bicycles. So that distance is no longer a barrier to income, independence and livelihood.



They save 3 – 6 hours a day by cycling to the central market instead of walking;


It is a lot easier to carry their products on their bikes than on their heads or shoulders;


Or to spend $1,= one way to go from their villages to the city market with their products;


The women can visit each other and their meetings saving energy and time. Time they happily invest in their businesses and families.


Painting the bikes in a white color with the Naleli logo, their ‘brand’ will become more solid in the tourist capital of Zambia. And it will prevent the bikes from being stolen.


Local politics are willing to support sustainable projects and embrace this cycling initiative.