It is through the avenue of international service that the pre-eminent power of Rotary's network can display its full scope: by cross-border humanitarian service projects we hope to gain better understanding, goodwill and peace among peoples and cultures…


We've three contact clubs: Cambrai (France), Herne-Bay (Great Britain) and Remscheid (Germany). The contacts between these four clubs are existing since the chartering of our club in 1973. We aim to nurture these international contacts of long standing, as well as achieve common service goals.

We meet each other twice a year. Each autumn we have a short, fellowship-only weekend meeting. In spring we meet in a more formal way, while securing fellowship by offering our guests home-hospitality. We help each other financially to realize service projects. A long cherished wish is to establish a joint international community service project.

More pictures of these meetings are to be found in the members only pages of this website.

Ine Taffijn


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From their website:

Club n° 10 849
district 1670 France – CEEMA
Remise de charte, le 5 Janvier 1948
Siège : chez Hostellerie du Chateau de la motte fènelon , allée Saint-Roch Prolongée 59400 CAMBRAI - FRANCE

"La création du club, en 1947-1948, est avant tout liée à l'amitié qui prévalait alors entre deux hommes, tous deux membres du ROTARY et liés d'une amitié profonde datant de la première guerre mondiale : André LABBAYE et Maurice DUPERRAY, qui occupa en 1936 la fonction prestigieuse de Président du ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.

Dans l'ambiance de redéploiement du ROTARY qui prévalait alors en France, cet ex-Président du ROTARY INTERNATIONAL incita André LABBAYE (qui était alors retraité à Caudry) et le club de Valenciennes, qui existait depuis 1938, à créer un club filleul à CAMBRAI.

C'est ainsi que le ROTARY CLUB de CAMBRAI fut créé en 1947 par André LABBAYE et 27 amis cambrésiens, pour la plupart industriels ou membres de professions liberals. Le Club reçut sa charte Rotarienne le 5 Janvier 1948 avec la bénédiction de son club parrain, le Rotary-club de Valenciennes."




A modest, warm, friendly, practically-minded no-nonsense club. Their "Telly-Go-Round" on the seafront does, for years and years now, exactly what our "Firebird" should have done: generate money to do good in the world. Only when it comes to organizing an event, they tend to err on the side of the broad thrust. To characterize this tendency as: "They couldn't organize a booze-up in a brewery" (as one of their younger members once did), might be slightly exaggerated, though. We assume that phrase is just another nice example of the subtle, typically British humour with which they treat each other…


From their website:

"Rotary is a world-wide network of inspired men and women who translate their passions into relevant social causes, to change lives in their communities.

We aim to help people of Herne Bay as well as internationally.

This website is the beginning of an exciting form of communication which is aiming to provide a portal whereby we can inform you of our activities, and you can tell us that you want to take part in the events that we organize. It will evolve as time goes by. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Rotary, please go to"





From their website:

"Im Herzen des Bergischen Landes treffen sich jede Woche über 70 Remscheider Rotarier. Sie sind Mitglieder in einer der ältesten und größten Service-Organisationen der Welt, die 1905 in Chicago von Paul Harris gegründet wurde.

Der Rotary-Club Remscheid wurde schon 1932 gegründet und zählt damit zu den ältesten Clubs in Deutschland. "Wir dienen" ist unser Motto und das kann der Dienst in der Stadt sein, die Hilfe für eine Schule, alte Menschen, ein kulturelles Ereignis, den Jugendaustausch oder eines der großen Ziele weltweit, wie die Ausrottung von Polio.

Unser Club trifft sich im Bundesautobahnhotel Remscheid - Rasthof Remscheid Montags um 12:30 Uhr. Jeden ersten Montag im Monat findet ein Abendmeeting um 19 Uhr statt. Das Mittagsmeeting entfällt dann."