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SCANN Bedankbrief

Mooi, dat RC Hoorn het mogelijk maakt, dat er niet alleen nieuwe schooluniformen komen en dat het schoolgeld kan worden betaald, maar dat er ook nog iets onder de kerstboom ligt voor de kinderen van SCANN.

Zie de onderstaande brief van Shamsher Gilani, welke wij hebben ontvangen

Vriendelijke groeten,


vrolijke, Kerstmis, kerstman

November  2014 Our Ref:  SGG/RN
Rotary Club of Hoorn HOLLAND

Dear Tjalling, Hans, Steef and all members of Rotary Club of Hoorn


Greetings from the SCANN Board of Trustees and all our 140 SCANN Children.

 On behalf of the SCANN Board of Trustees and all our SCANN Children, we wish to acknowledge receipt of your very generous donation of US$ 9,052/71 for the Golf Tournament which was sent directly into our SCANN bank account; towards our SCANN Project.  Our official receipt No.1935 for your donation is attached herewith.

 We wish that the Donations will be utilized towards School Fees and Uniforms of our Children when they report to School in January 2015 while the Gifts will be given to our boys at our Christmas Party.

 We also wish to express our sincere appreciation for the following gifts which were received during the Group Visit to SCANN.  Sorry we missed the whole team but we hope you can visit SCANN soon.

3 Footballs                               2 Pumps
3 Small Skipping Ropes           3x20 pkts Crayons
4 pkts Coloured Stickers          24 Small Note Books
2 pcs Calculators                     4x50pcs Biro Pens
10 pkts Coloured Pencils         2 Tooth Brushes
11 T-Shirts short sleeves         15 T-Shirts long sleeves
2x12 pcs Toy Cars                  1 pair slippers
Assorted second hand Clothes
1 Drawing Book, Coloured Pencils and a T-Shirt to your sponsored Child Victor Otieno. Victor was so pleased.

Once again Thank you all for your continued care and support to our SCANN Children.

In view of your continued Generosity over the years, all our SCANN Children join me in praying for all Donors and Members of Rotary Club of Hoorn, Good Health to you and your families, success in all your endeavors and your continued assistance to the very needy, poor Street Children through SCANN. 

Thanking you and God bless you.

Yours sincerely,


Encl. Rcpt. 1935