Rotaryclub Stichtse Vecht

Rotaryclub Stichtse Vecht was founded March 7 - 1983 as Rotaryclub Breukelen-Vechtstreek. In 2011, after a municipal reorganization to Stichtse Vecht, the name changed to reflect the Stichtse Vecht municipalities (Breukelen, Loenen a/d Vecht, Vreeland, Maarssen, etc.) where most of our members reside.

Rotaryclub Stichtse Vecht is situated in the catchment area of the River Vecht (Dutch for ‘to fight’) with its beautiful landscapes and Golden Age architectural highlights. We make good use of this appealing environment in our fundraising and other activities to help achieve our goal: help the children!, either in the vicinity of the River Vecht or elsewhere in the world.

Rotaryclub Stichtse Vecht meets weekly at Wednesday evenings in Restaurant ‘De Olifant’, Straatweg 1, Breukelen for a drink; dinner and a pleasant get together. On these evenings we share knowledge with each other, we tell and listen to our life events, and we plan new activities and talk about new projects to support.

Fun(d)raising and other activities

In 2018 we will have our fourteenth annual ‘Kids with cancer boat trip’. On this day we take about hundred fifty sick children and their parents or caregivers on a boat trip on the River Vecht to give them a worry free day to enjoy the beauty of the River Vecht. The boat trip ends on an island in the ‘Loosdrechtse Plassen’ where the event continues with fun, playtime, music and an appetizing cuisine.

Our fundraising activities consist, amongst others, of a Classic Car Rally and a Wine tasting event. Both are very successful activities where fun and fundraising beautifully are combined. All the fundraising incomes go directly to ‘Stichting Vecht voor Kinderen’ (the ‘Fight for Children Foundation’). Every year a few charities are selected to get financial support from the foundation.