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Laying a Jigsaw Puzzle together for clean water


Laying a Jigsaw Puzzle for charity. If you want to join in, then order one of the Jigsaw Puzzles for only €20.00 a piece including VAT ex.transport costs (for ordering and information regarding transport costs please email us at via info@rotarywinschoten.nl ). 


“I am looking for a monkey in an orange coat!”

Rainy days during a skiing weekend in Winterberg, gave the RC Winschoten members an idea. “We were forced to spend our time indoors because of the bad weather and decided to lay Jigsaw Puzzles together”, says Sanne de Gooyer. Someone calling out “I am looking for a monkey in an orange coat!” did not surprise any of us in the end. This joint activity and the enthusiasm with which everyone got to laying the Jigsaw Puzzle gave Rotary member Erich Wünker a brilliant idea: what fun it would be to design a special Rotary Jigsaw Puzzle! And, to support a charity with it!


Rain, water, supporting the environment: which charity it would be was obvious. Sanne: “Durability is high on our priority list. We all want to make sure there’s still a planet to live on for the next generation. So, for that, everybody has to stop dumping around eight Billion kgs of plastic waste into our seas every single year. Eight billion! Because there’s already plastic in plankton, which is at the bottom of the whole food chain, means that each of us is eating two kgs of plastic a year. We as Rotarians want to do something about it. That is why we support the Rotary Foundation EndPlasticSoup, by developing and placing a Great Bubble Barrier; a bubble screen which stops plastic from floating down the rivers and into the Sea. The total proceeds of the sale of this Jigsaw Puzzle will go towards this project.

Designing the jigsaw puzzle 

The Jigsaw Puzzle Commission, consisting of Freerk Potze, Erich Wünker, Sanne de Gooyer and Rianne Schuurman, found Rene Leisink of Studio Noodweer willing to make the design. “A great commission, for a great club. They remind me of Scouting; the weekly get-togethers with food and meaningful activities.”

Sanne sent Rene a long list of things to be included in design of the Jigsaw Puzzle. “It varied from the Santa Run to the Duck Race and the five Avenues of Rotary International. And it had to be a funny Jigsaw Puzzle as well.” emphasized Rene, which was achieved, with for example the 50 running Mr. and Mrs Santa’s through a typical Dutch village. “This part, 150 of the 1,000 Jigsaw pieces, in all the colors of the world, is the greatest and biggest challenge.” To which Rene laughingly adds “I am so glad I don’t have to make this Jigsaw Puzzle!”


Golden Rotary-Logo; for you?

The unique Rotary Jigsaw Puzzle will, of course, be a collectors item. Don’t miss it! You can order one through Rotary Winschoten. Sanne: “We will make sure that you have the Jigsaw Puzzle on your door mat second half of November. A nice present for Christmas, or for a new Rotary member or a guest speaker at a Rotary meeting. In these Corona-times laying a Jigsaw Puzzle has regained popularity, so someone will surely be happy with this gift.”  Finally Sanne reveals that hidden in one of the boxes there is a golden Rotary-Logo. Whoever finds this, will receive a gift of €500.00 to spend on their favorite charity!”


How can you order the Rotary Jigsaw Puzzle?

Order(s) can be placed by sending an e-mail to info@rotarywinschoten.nl for only €20.00 a piece including VAT ex.transport costs.