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Contact met andere deelnemers

Names and destination of outbounds and names and country of origin of inbounds

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To see the email addresses you should become a member of youthexchange_Rotary_NL group

If you are not yet a member of the youthexchange_Rotary_NL group please send an email to youthexchange@hccnet.nl. You will receive an invitation by email when you are a participant in this program.

This group is open for inbounds and outbounds to and from the Netherlands but you have to create an ID and add a Profile. How to do this is explained here in Dutch and in English.

Membership of the group opens the possibility to get in touch with each other via email. Either from person to person or from person to the whole group. You may also send your pictures ti be published on this site.

Under “file” at the groups-site you will find specific information. We will update this section with new information, so, become a frequent visitor.

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