END PLASTIC SOUP en Amsterdam Nachtwacht

Onze club Amsterdam Nachtwacht is co-founder van het END PLASTIC SOUP project.

Elke eerste zaterdag van juni is er landelijk en wereldwijd een actiedag.

Alle informatie over End Plastic Soup vind je op de website:


EndPlasticSoup Action Day

Saturday June 6, 2020

The first Saturday of June will be the third WORLDWIDE EndPlasticSoup ACTION Day. Every year more Rotary Clubs are participating, organizing local and reginal actions: cleanups of beaches, rivers, cities or challenges at schools, events, sports, co-operating with partners in and outside Rotary.  But that is not the only thing we can do to put an end to the plastic in the oceans, rivers, lakes, cities, parks. 

Join us sign the petition, sign up for our newsletter, work out a plan for EndPlasticSoup Action Day or become a member with your Rotary club. 

EndPlasticSoup goals for 2020

· 3.000 Rotary- and Rotaract Clubs are member of EndPlasticSoup 

· 300.000 Rotarians and their families/friends use less plastic every day 

· this means 300.000 x 2 X 10= 6 MILLION pieces of plastic less every day!

· 100,000 children are made aware of the plastic waste problems

· Honululu’s Rotary International Convention is plastic-free

· Rotary international meetings are plastic-free

· Rotary has a “Plastic Free code of conduct”  for Rotaryclubs and Rotary events

· New solutions for end-to-end plastic waste solutions are supported by Rotary