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Breaking the Ice

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The 3rd edition of our club's Breaking the Ice event was held on Sunday, January 22nd at the Citymall Almere.  Breaking the Ice allows children from different backgrounds living in 't Gooi region a morning of skating fun.  Our club is very grateful to all that contributed to the success of Breaking the Ice.  It was a very cold morning with lots of warm smiles from the children! 

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From our chairman

Johanna Martinez, chairman RCHI

“To do all what is in our hands to make a difference”

Rotary Club Hilversum International is a very unique club, all our members share an international background either by work experience or by origin. Though we are different, we have a lot in common. What joins us is our interest to make an impact in the lives of others and the fact that we are all in a very productive stage of our careers, though a young club, we have built a strong social bond that allows us to work effectively together. 

As this year’s club president, I carefully chose a symbol and a slogan that would represent us and our motto to accomplish our projects and grow as a club. As a symbol, I chose our hands, because with our hands we create, and by working together, we have more hands on the job. Therefore, our slogan is: “To do all what is in our hands to make a difference”. 

Internationally our projects look to support empowering women and locally we are focused in making a difference in the lives of those that come to this country in search of a better life. If you share our vision and projects, we would be happy to welcome you in our team.

Johanna Martínez, chairman RCHI

Empowering Women

De Nieuwe Jurk - donate today

Our club is dedicated to sponsoring projects that empower women.  Our club has initiated various successful projects for refugee children and we would like to extend our support to "De Nieuwe Jurk"

Two sisters from Huizen have set up a multicultural sewing cafe, "De Nieuwe Jurk", where local and immigrant women can meet each other, chat, sew and knit.  It is a way for women to get to know each other, share their customs and help immigrant women learn how to speak Dutch.  


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