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Bridging cultures, building communities

Regional initiatives

Our club has initiated various successful projects supporting children from underprivileged backgrounds who are living in the Netherlands. Two reoccuring events in our Rotary year are Breaking the Ice, which gives children from different backgrounds living in 't Gooi region a morning of skating fun, and the Pony Event, where children spend an afternoon at the stables to tame and care for ponies and enjoy pony and wagon rides.

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From our chairman


Rotary Club Hilversum International is celebrating its first Lustrum Year 2020-2021. Officially chartered in March 2016, we have developed a Club Culture that can be described as informal, active and open-minded. We are an International Club with both Dutch members that lived and worked abroad and Expats living in the region. Our motto is ‘Bridging Cultures, Building Communities’.

As this year’s President I have chosen the theme ‘Open Up’ for our members. By opening up ourselves within the safe environment of our Club, we strengthen our fellowship and friendship enabling us to build engaged and effective teams. For readers who are not members it means ‘Welcome’! We are opening up for everyone interested in our Club. Growth is one of the goals in this Lustrum year:



But what’s in it for you? There are different reasons why it could be valuable for you to connect to our Club:


Fellowship: Are you a foreigner living in/near Hilversum but not really feeling ‘at home’, with our experience in comparable situations we are able and willing to help you integrating into the local community.

Network: One of Rotary’s characteristics is ‘vocational diversity’. Also in our Club we have members with various professional backgrounds: lawyers, coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, IT Specialists, Architects, etc. With our specific backgrounds we can support each other and our projects.

Sense: We are all working hard, living our lives with only 1 security: once we will die. Rotary gives you the opportunity to step out of your daily routine, think about what is really important in life and make it happen. Together we can make the World a better place.

Others: Rotary can offer you ways to contribute to society together with other people with good intentions. Or maybe you have your own good reasons. Welcome!

More extensive information about our Club can be found here (link to leaflet). If you are willing to connect, please contact us by email: hilversum.international.rotary@gmail.com.

Unfortunately Covid-19 makes planning of celebrations a little difficult this year but we are still very active in small groups and in virtual or hybrid meetings. And let’s see the World in the right perspective: Covid-19 is complicating our lives somehow but we are privileged compared to many other people on this planet. Let’s strengthen those people that need our support, locally and internationally. Welcome!

Please also see our leaflet with more details about our club.


 Jan Pieter Brinkman, Chairman RCHI

People with a Passion

This Rotary year we are presenting the series "People with a Passion", a series of speakers that visit our club to tell about their exceptional initiatives and inspiring stories.  In 2018 we had the pleasure of welcoming Lukas Grosfeld of Wakulimarket, Mark Schneiders of the KIT-SDG House and Bert Bruns of Bridges2Beyond to our club evenings.

Our 2019 got off to a very musical start with a concert at de Nieuwe Jurk in Huizen, with musicians from another wonderful cause, Stichting Appeltaartconcerten.   In initiating these sorts of events our club hopes to continue to support our local community as well as organizations that are focused on contributing to our society in a very positive way.

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