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Rotary Club Hilversum International meets twice a month at De Jonge Haan in Hilversum. As part of our club evenings, we have established a very interesting speaker program, “People with a Passion”. Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming Lukas Grosfeld of Wakulimarket, Mark Schneiders of the KIT-SDG House and Bert Bruns of Bridges2Beyond to our club evenings.

Excursions & Social Activities

The Fellowship committee is synonymous with FUN!, arranging interesting and social activities for our club throughout the year. In the past, excursions have included behind-the-scenes tours in ST1 Mineral Gallery in Baarn, KIT-SDG House in Amsterdam, and Hilversum Town Hall tour, special dinners at restaurants, boat trips in Loosdrecht and festive Christmas parties.

Rotary Events

From international events and celebratory dinners to training meetings and parliamentary assemblies, our members meet regularly to exchange ideas, share interests, and celebrate our diverse perspectives.

Members from RCHI have attended District Conferences, Water Seminars, Rotary Conventions and taken part in the Rotary Institute to share information and build connections.

Our club regularly supports regional Rotary initiatives, including Wings for Aid and the Santa Run.

As a club with many different nationalities, our members have already visited various Rotary clubs around the world, including Colombia, United States, India and Thailand.