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Alle rechten voorbehouden.

Reizen door wonderland

A Rotaract Groningen International project 


Our International club  thrives on our diverse backgrounds and recognizes the value of cultural exchange which fosters innovation and at the same time inclusivity too. We believe that sharing this diverse cultural exchange , especially with children, exposes them to diverse cultures that foster both intellectual and cultural growth from a very young age, preparing the children for an interconnected world.

For the past three years, in collaboration with Groningen Forum, we have organized an interactive afternoon during the voorjaarsvakantie, where children aged 5-12, accompanied by their parents can engage with our club members or participants from different countries, offering them a vibrant taste of global cultures.


Each year, we showcase at least five different countries at individual tables, providing children with the opportunity to explore and learn about each country’s culture through various activities such as learning new words in respective languages and trying cultural games . This not only ignites excitement among the children but also captivates the parents, who gain valuable insights into diverse cultures.


Our club plans to continue this every year and bring in more countries for more cultural interactions.