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DOC Februari 2016

Last week the new exchange students had the DOC (the Dutch orientation course). They spend a week learning about our culture and our language. They also watched the Carnaval parade in Oldenzaal with the other exchange students.

Gabrielle Stone from New Zealand wrote a little story about her experience during the DOC and the Carnaval:

From The third of February to the seventh I was lucky enough to be one of the exchange students participating in the Rotary DOC.

We all had an amazing time, firstly traveling around Lelystad, going on a boat tour, a walk and shopping in a big mall. Then in Oldenzaal we had the amazing opportunity to learn some Dutch grammar as well as colours, emotions and verbs. We also got to write and present a short speech about ourselves and our families in Dutch. I am so thankful for all the help with learning the language, it really helped me to understand the basics.

Over the week we had so much fun. We travelled to Germany and experienced a true German dinner, dressed up in a costume and attended Carnaval. I have never had the opportunity to see Carnaval, especially not in Europe, so that was a very new and exciting experience for myself and most probably for all the exchange students.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who was a part of planning this weekend. It really was a wonderful event.