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We in Rotary aspire to great deeds. We admire those who gave great gifts to humanity: Abraham Lincoln, who gave the gift of human dignity to the downtrodden; Mother Teresa, who gave the gift of compassion to the forgotten; Mahatma Gandhi, who gave the gift of peaceful change to the oppressed. Their very lives became gifts to the world.

We can be inspired by their example. We can be inspired to ask, how can I, in the life that I live – without neglecting the responsibilities that are so dear to me – how can I, too, become a gift to the world? As I considered my theme, I thought of the lessons I have learned through my Hindu faith. I thought especially of the story of Sudama.

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Het eerste webinar van Rotary in Nederland met meer dan 100 betrokken Rotarians had als onderwerp

Hoe schrijf je een sexy persbericht?


Daarna volgde het 2e webinar met als onderwerp

Hoe plug je een persbericht via social media”

De webinars zijn ook “als herhaling” beschikbaar op deze pagina


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