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November 6, 2019: RC Folkestone Channel visit

November 6, 2019: RC Folkestone Channel visit

What a beautiful evening. Seven fellows from Rotary club Folkstone Channel (there are two Rotary clubs in Folkstone, so these fellows really insist on using "Channel") were visiting us.

There is a long relationship between our clubs. Both clubs received the charter in 1980 and in the 1980s and 1990s the clubs often visited each other. In the mid-1990s there was a lack of interest and the relationship went downhill. But not for our club member Wim Stuiver. He and his wife continued to visit Folkstone Channel. And he invited them to come over. It was just like it used to be ... it doesn't matter that about 20 years have passed, the conversation, the pleasure, everything went on as if it never stopped.

Chances are we will visit RC Folkstone Channel next year !!

The checking about the interests for going to Folkestone (well, actually just checking about interests for restoring the bond, but what is a bond without visits ??):

Our President elect Martin Johansson is just slightly taller than President Edwin Beddy:

but for our fellows from across the Channel, that will never be a problem:

Hieronder een bezoek van Folkstone Channel in april 1993 aan Het Schuttersgilde van St. Joris in Noordwijk-binnen. Dat bestaat al bijna 700 jaar en is daarmee een van de oudste verenigingen van Nederland. Er wordt nog steeds met voetbogen geschoten, alsmede gekegeld. Een aantal van onze clubleden is ook lid van dat gilde.

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