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Malawi Sanitatie project
  1. Malawi Sanitatie project
  1. School in Lilongwe
  1. Samen met RC Osnabrück


Datum project
14 september 2017
Netto resultaat
€ 48.000,00
Jaar van begunstiging
Plaats project
Hengelo - Osnabrück
Website project
Wim Fluks
Personen nodig
Hengelo (O.)
District 1560 RI

Soort project

Rotary Foundation
Grant type
Global Grant
basic education and literacy

Doel project

Plaats en land begunstiging
Malawi in ---

Memorandum of Understanding

The following commitments represent the understanding of the main sponsoring clubs, ROTARY Osnabrück, ROTARY Hengelo and the cooperating partner MACKENZIE Nursery & Primary School as well.


Rotary Osnabrück and Rotary Hengelo herewith both confirm that their financial donations are originally initiated, fully controlled and administrated by themselves.


Based on our experience in former projects we know the Mackenzie Nursery & Primary School as a reliable and distinguished institution. And of course the activities of their school are fully compliant with applicable law.


The Mackenzie Nursery & Primary School fully agrees on its participation and cooperation on any financial assessments of the Rotary foundation with regard to the sponsored activities of this project.


The necessary roles and work-packages of our project can be roughly outlined as follows:

Improvement of sanitary infrastructure:


Initiating the bidding process in Malawi for local companies.

Responsible: Esther Grant, RC Lilongwe


Negotiation and selection of the appropriate local supplier.

Responsible: Esther Grant & Rotary Osnabrück/Hengelo with support of German



Supervision of the work in progress and reporting to RC’s.

Responsible: Esther Grant, RC Lilongwe


Control of payments according to work performed.

Responsible: Rotary Osnabrück & Hengelo


Final inspection and definition of future steps to keep up sustainable progress. This is planned on a visit at the school in April 2016.

Responsible: Rotary Osnabrück & Hengelo