Santa Casa de Misericordia

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Datum project
1 januari 2015
Netto resultaat
€ 1.800,00
Jaar van begunstiging
Plaats project
Website project
Lucien Perlitius
Personen nodig
District 1550 RI

Soort project

Rotary Foundation
Grant type
Global Grant
disease prevention and treatment

Doel project

Plaats en land begunstiging
Ibitinga in BRAZIL
Website doel:

The RC Ibitinga are planning to acquire new equipments for Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Ibitinga. The new equipments will help to improve the infrastructure of the heath of the local community and surroundings.

Santa Casa de Ibitinga is a local Hospital; it is a civil association, philanthropic, charitable law on aid, nonprofit which main goal is to provide a good medical care to the patients of the community.

Currently 85% of patients seen by Santa Casa are needy persons. The hospital serves a population of 131,749 inhabitants that includes the city of Ibitinga and 4 more towns in the area.

The Hospital conducts clinical admissions, obstetric and surgical, the number of patients seems by the Santa Casa has increased in the last six years.

Projects funds will purchase new equipments for the hospital. The current equipments are very old, and of course the new equipments will provide a better hospital care for the patients.

* EQUIPMENT AUTOCLAVE: To meet the demand for sterilization of materials used in the various hospital procedures the unit needs to run 24 hours straight and it is insufficient to meet the demands of the hospital. will also lower its energy cost over time . An autoclave of 200 liters of capacity 3 cycles would be sufficient to meet demand and will also lower the energy cost. The vacuum technology of vacuum used today for the sterilization it is more efficient and economic.

* ANESTHESIA EQUIPMENT: The hospital owns only one of this equipment and this implies that only one patient can undergo surgery and this equipment is not indicated for pediatric surgery either. The new equipment will help to attend more patients and will also help to attend children patients.

Santa Casa de Misericorida de Ibitinga has people and doctor trained to operate the equipments. It will be responsible for the equipments and also for the equipments maintenance and care.

The management of the funds of the project will be supervised by the committee of the six members appointed by the local sponsoring club. This committee will visit the place where the project will be carried out and will keep the international and the local sponsor informed about the current situation of the project and the future plans for it by sending either pictures or documents by e mail. This committee will also be in charge of buying the equipments. The Rotary Club of Ibitinga will make sure that reports about the project will be published in the local newspaper, in the Monthly Newsletter of the District 4480, and in the Magazine Brasil Rotário. The use of the new equipments will be supervised by qualified volunteers of the local sponsoring Rotary Club.